About This Website

Private and exclusive.

This website is a private project. There are no affiliations with any of the manufacturers or other businesses mentioned, and I don’t receive any money if you click on links in my articles. The site’s exclusive intended purpose is sharing the information contained in the articles. Of course, I’m not responsible for any content on other websites that I link to. Unbelieveable that you’d still have to make this statement in the year 2013, or 2014, meanwhile. On a sidenote, in case you’d like to book me – naw, just kidding, of course I said it’s a private website. So, that so-called “imprint”, which according to German law you have to have on your site, can be found over on the main page.

Is there a problem with the comments function?

Answer: Yes, there is. There’s way too much spam. You wouldn’t believe how much spam is posted in any comment field that’s not gone by the time you can say blueberry pie. Even in a “blog” like this one that is actually of interest to no-one. So, please be tolerant concerning the anti-spam measures. BTW: A while ago, you would still win something if you answered the anti-spam question correctly. But well, the times they are a-changin’.

Making contact.

In case a comment should not get through, just make contact with me. Thanks.